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  Pricing Per Element (Entry Level, close supervision, no customer contact) (Entry Level, customer contact) (Entry Level, customer contact, driving required) (Management, key holder, non-supervised or in-home worker) (Management, key holder, non-supervised or in-home worker,driving required) (Higher level management, professional position)
Social Security Check $12.07
Driving History (MVR) $14.14  
Criminal History - Felony record in all counties of residence for the past seven (7) years. $14.49
Prior Employment - Verify all listed employers for the last five (5) years. $17.59
Education - Verify highest level achieved. $17.59  
Sex Offender Registry Check $14.83  
Financial Responsibility - Credit history check $15.18
Professional Lic. & Certifications - Verify all claimed. $17.59
Multi-jurisdictional Supplemental Database Search * - Backup search of collected criminal history data from various state sources $13.45
SDN - terrorist watch list $11.04
Credit History Checks:
Several states and cities have enacted legislation that will prohibit certain employers from using credit reports in hiring decisions. Please check with legal counsel to ensure your hiring process is in compliance.
Criminal History Checks:
Some states limit the number of years convictions are reportable; and EEOC guidelines and many state laws require that the employer be able to show that a conviction is recent enough, serious enough and job related before taking adverse action based on criminal history information. Also, employers should be aware that the Fair Credit Reporting Act will apply to background reports which gives candidates specific rights and imposes specific duties on employers. Cisive recommends that employers consult with legal counsel to ensure compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws when using background reports.
Additional searches can be ordered a la carte
Civil Upper $26.91  
Federal Civil $16.21  
Federal Criminal $16.21  
Reference $20.70  
Military $20.70  
*Includes additional criminal leads developed
Prices above do not include statutory access fees, which are displayed when an order is placed.
Administrative (one-time fee)
On-site business verification $59.99 (only if credit report selected)